Melanie uses an integrative holistic approach in her treatment sessions. Her wealth of experience and expertise as a Perinatal Coach and Therapist, Specialist Nurse, Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT practitioner and Yoga teacher, she offers bespoke sessions as unique as you. 
Melanie specialises in supporting birthing persons and their partners to heal from a difficult or traumatic birth.  
She works expertly and extensively with issues in the perinatal period including overwhelm, anxiety, and low self esteem.  
"My general approach is one where safety and trust is paramount. Gently working towards your emotional well-being with practical tools and exercises to use immediately. Using a variety of techniques, you can connect with a deep sense of calm, confidence and empowerment. The therapeutic techniques concentrate on the integration of body, mind and soul. My work is very intuitive and deeply respectful" 
Methods I use include compassionate mind therapy, meditation, breath work, hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT and simple embodiment & breathwork practices and very effective emotional Freedom Technique (tapping). 
I specialise in supporting expectant and new parents emotional well being. I work with people during pregnancy, birth and the early years. What drives me is the deep knowing that when new parents are supported they are much better placed to cope with and support their little one.  
Appointments are available for individuals or couples. This is a time of huge transition and it really is not uncommon to experience emotional fall outs. But nobody to talks about that!! Unfortunately the landscape for early parenthood is littered with judgements, shame and societal expectations which rarely acknowledge or honour this emotional intense experience for parents.  
NHS perinatal and birth trauma services are often overstretched with waiting lists and criteria for referral. This is even more the case since COVID 19 and the impact lockdown and restrictions have had on peoples antenatal and postnatal experiences. Melanie offers timely private holistic support and healing for those experiencing heavy feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and postnatal depression. Perhaps you are experiencing symptoms of PTSD following a traumatic event (eg Birth/ NICU). Symptoms include experiences of flashbacks, hypervigilance, nightmares and feeling stuck in fear or sadness, disconnected from your body. If you are feeling unhappy, distressed or worry about bonding with your baby, struggling with the impact of parenthood on your relationship take the first step and contact Melanie. She creates a safe space to explore and heal. 
Birth professionals - doulas, midwives, Antenatal teachers  
Holding space and supporting expectant and new parents is so rewarding but also very demanding and challenging. Pressure of time frames, protocols and conflicting messages take their toll on supportive birth partners and professionals. Advocacy in the medicalised landscape can be demoralising and extremely stressful. Witnessing a dfficult birth as a compassionate witness is really hard and can be a very lonely experience. Big feelings arise and there can be a real sense of helplessness and hopelessness. Melanie provides all the same emotional support services for birth partners and professionals in absolute confidence and safety.  

Perinatal emotional support sessions 

Sometimes a little bit of coaching and emotional suport with practical suggestions is needed! An opportunity to just think things through. It may be that you just want to have a bit of space to seek guidance or chat through a particular problem, worry or questions related to you, your babys health/ behaviour or your own emotional well being. 
With a wealth of experience of working as a specialist nurse in various settings with parents and parents-to-be for over 25 years and as a mother to 5 children – no problem or worry is too big or too small. Support sessions are offered on the phone, online or in person. Appointments are also available for attachment focused challenges to build your confidence and positive relationship with your baby/ little one. This is an area especially helpful following birth trauma or for those who have had a challenging transition to parenthood. Melanie also offers a healing reconnection ritual for you and your little one as a one off session or as part of healing from a traumatic/ difficult birth experience.  
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