Journey Stages Complete birth preparation can be booked by telephone or completing the online form below. 

Stage 1 
Initial telephone consultation 20 mins. Book an appointment for assessment and birth story listening- (link to explanation of birth story listening) explain. A stand-alone appointment but usually follows a definitive treatment plan and number of support sessions, talking therapy or the 3 step rewind process for birth trauma. 
Stage 3 
Therapeutic session(s) Rewind may be part of that session. 
Stage 2 
Goal setting / solution focused session (s). Understanding what is happening for you. Allocating a set number of pre bookable sessions and a date for review. Relaxation preparation for rewind if applicable. 
Stage 4 
Review and evaluation. Any further treatment or sessions are agreed and planned. A further rewind treatment is occasionally required. 
Stage 5 
Once all the trauma treatment is completed an opportunity to heal and repair birth trauma with baby/child. Reconnection and Attachment focused sessions if appropriate. This process is approx. 3 sessions. Celebration of your achievements. 
121 Birth Preparation 
Talking Therapy 
3 Step Rewind 
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