Journey stages  Appointments can be booked online. If you cannot find a suitable appointment time please contact Melanie directly.  

Stage 1 
Initial telephone consultation 20 mins (free) to understand services/ ask questions. Book an appointment for an initial assessment consultation. An initial assessment consultation can be booked for birth debrief / birth reflection appointment. An assessment appointment is a stand-alone appointment but usually follows a definitive treatment plan and number of support sessions, talking therapy and or the 3 step rewind process for birth trauma. If you and cannot see availability to suit your needs please contact Melanie by email or phone 
Stage 3 
Therapeutic session(s) - will be scheduled weekly or fortnightly. 3 step Rewind therapy is usually offered in a block of 3 appointments following an initial assessment/ birth story listening appointment. 
Stage 2 
Goal setting / solution focused session (s). Understanding what is happening for you. A set number of pre bookable sessions are agreed in accordance with your needs and plan. We will set a date for review.  
Stage 4 
Review and evaluation. Any further treatment or sessions are agreed and planned. Working together is collaborative.  
Stage 5 
For those who have completed a programme of birth trauma recovery, there is an opportunity to heal and repair birth trauma with your baby/child (and partner if desired). Reconnection and Attachment focused sessions is a process facilitated as a single appointment or up to 3 sessions.Reconnection and attachment focused session (s) creates an opportunity to honour experiences which were difficult and not as you had planned. By creating a space to honour and integrate healing you can speak the unspoken, bring healing to relationship, your baby, yourself. These session(s) are bespoke to you. We decide together what best suits your needs. This is about celebrating your achievements and moving forward.  
Once we complete our work together its important to note that future sessions are always available. You might wish to have more sessions to prepare for going back to work, planning another baby etc.  
Talking Therapy 
3 Step Rewind 
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