complete birth preparation 

What should I wear? 
Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move easily and comfortably in. 
Will we have breaks? 
Yes we will have breaks during the complete preapartin workshop for food and toilet etc. We will discuss the outline of the day at the beginning of the workshop. Your comfort is paramount. 
Do I need any special equipment? 
No, all equipment is provided for at the studio or venue if you are attending an in person workshop. For 1:1 workshops facilitated on zoom try to ensure you have space to move around together with your birth partner where applicable. A yoga mat, birth ball and cushions are very helpful props for practice but not essential. 
Can I attend alone? 
Yes of course. However, attending with a birth partner offers maximum support and preparation for a calm and confident birth experience. 

talking therapy 

What are talking therapies? 
Talking therapy is just that – the healing that a person can receive from expressing themselves and being heard. Some things are hard to articulate and benefit from having the space and time to do just that. This is especially true when it comes to trauma and specific challenges of womanhood and motherhood. Talking and being really heard is only part of the healing – the rest happens by developing a different perspective, through learning powerful practices to strengthen resilience. It is an investment which grows and as a result overwhelm and intense feelings can be transformed into a capacity to cope with various levels of aversity and challenges that life throws at us. Talking therapy sessions with Melanie are solution focused and transformative. Multiple approaches are used to support you from a state of surviving to a state of thriving – in a real and felt sense. 
Your appointment 
The initial consultation is an assessment appointment which is longer and an information gathering session. Approximately 90 minutes in duration. At this initial session a focus for sessions is established with a timeframe and a review point. These sessions are yours and the intention is to work together to get the most out of our time together. Each session lasts 50 -60 minutes. At the initial consultation terms and conditions are agreed. 
Fees are discussed at our initial consultation in relation to the most suitable package of talking therapy moving forward. Payment is required prior to our appointment, preferably online via BACS. (payment details are issued on confirmation of your appointment). Concessionary rates are available to those in difficult financial circumstances. 
Life happens and there may be unforeseen circumstances where sessions need to be rescheduled -this is not a problem. However, where possible I ask for 24 hrs notice and will be flexible to reschedule where possible. If less than 24hrs notice is given there is a cancellation charge of 50% of the session fee. 
How many sessions? 
This is something decided together with Melanie after the initial assessment and is reviewed after a mutually agreed number of appointments. 

3 step rewind 

Can you heal from birth trauma? 
How do I know if my birth was traumatic? 
If any of what you have read resonates with you even if you don’t think your birth was ‘bad enough’ to warrant getting help - don’t suffer in silence as this is a big part of the problem. 
Will I forget the details of my birth/ traumatic event? 
No. You will remember your babys birth/ details of the event. However the intensity of the feelings and unwanted symptoms will be lifted. Childbirth is a monumental and transformational event in a mother /fathers life – not to be erased or forgotten. 
Is the rewind a form of hypnosis? 
Yes. Rewind is a hypnosis technique which supports deep relaxation, bypassing conscious thoughts to work with unprocessed memories responsible for symptoms of hypervigilance and fight or flight response to the traumatic event(s). 
Will I be awake and in control? 
Yes you will be awake and aware of the process which in essence is an extended deep relaxation and a set of guided exercises for your mind. You can stop at any time – although no one ever has as the experience feels so relaxed and healing! You cannot do the rewind wrong! 


Will I be able to remember the session? 
Hypnosis is a state of relaxation different to that of sleep. You will be fully aware and in control at all times. You will be able to remember everything that occurred in the session. 
Can I get stuck in hypnosis? 
You can choose to bring yourself to full awareness at any point during the treatment by just opening your eyes. 
Will you change my personality? 
People come to hypnosis to adapt the aspects of their personality they wish to (understanding and breaking habits, stopping unhelpful thoughts and behaviours). By choosing to accept the suggestions made, behaviours can change but not personality. 
What if I can't be hypnotised? 
Almost anyone can be hypnotised. However, some people may choose to resist. You are in total control at all times & you have the freedom to choose what you wish to do. T 
Can hypnosis remove a terrible memory for me? 
Hypnosis is able to reduce the impact & emotion associated by painful, unwanted memories, so you can move on with your life in a positive way but it will not erase them. 
Is it safe and is it medically approved? 
Hypnosis conducted by a trained therapist or health care professional is considered a safe, complementary and alternative medical treatment. However, hypnosis may not be appropriate in people with severe mental illness. 
Hypnosis & hypnotherapy has been declared safe by the British Medical Association (BMA). 
Can you guarantee results? 
Hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP are all therapeutic tools to help you overcome issues of concern however like all therapies and medicine results cannot be guaranteed. 
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Talking Therapy 
3 Step Rewind 
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