Perinatal Coach and Therapist 

Big steps little feet is all about just that – taking big steps with little feet – whether that’s giving birth, living with anxiety, or in the shadow of overwhelm and possible trauma in the days and months of early parenthood. Big steps Little feet ™ was established in 2015 by Melanie Valecha, a specialist nurse, yoga teacher, coach, EFT practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist. Since 2015 Melanies private practice has evolved into services for parents specialising in coaching and therapy to support emotional well being for parents in the perinatal period and beyond. 

Perinatal refers to the time from conception to the first year and beyond. Melanie sees clients at various stages of the perinatal period and often people who have long passed through the 'perinatal period'. Coaching and therapy to support emotional well being is unique to you. 

Are you looking for space to explore your worries and fears that are affecting how much you can enjoy your role as parent? One which focuses entirely on you, your experience and your new baby? 
Struggling emotionally as mum to a newborn baby ?...  
Are you first time parents? Are you expectant parents who have had assisted conception, previous loss or trauma and find yourself feeling anxious, overwhelmed and unsure.  
Thoughts and talk of having a new baby? Do you find yourself just wishing that someone could hand you the baby and not go through the pregnancy or birth again? ... 
'We thoroughly felt held and supported by Melanie in our birth trauma sessions. The healing session as a family was a very powerful and personal experience' Janine & Alex 


As a Perinatal Coach and Therapist with extensive experience, Melanie offers a range of therapeutic interventions to support emotional well being of expectant and new parents during pregnancy, birth and beyond. 
3 Step Rewind 
Melanie has supported hundreds of new parents overcome trauma, overwhelm, anxiety and distress associated with birth trauma. 
Talking Therapy 
Melanie uses an integrative holistic approach in her treatment sessions. Her wealth of experience and expertise as a Perinatal Therapist, Specialist Nurse, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Pregnancy Yoga teacher offers bespoke sessions as unique as you. 
Perhaps you have experienced many challenges of assisted conception to become a parent and now have feelings of deep disappointment, confusion and grief for your old life... 
Do you feel upset, distress and a level of trauma when you remember your baby's birth? Do you feel silenced by guilt and shame associated with having your much desired 'healthy baby' more 
Are you experiencing high levels of anxiety and overwhelm? more 
what clients say... 
I am so grateful to have met Melanie I was losing hope and confused about what was happening to me. When I met her I felt instant relief – at last someone understood what I had been going through for the last 5 years since the birth of my youngest son. 
About Melanie 
Melanie is a specialist nurse, a teacher, coach and clinical hypnotherapist. She has extensively studied therapies supporting emotional well being of the mind, body and spirit. She specialises in supporting parents recover and heal from a difficult or traumatic birth experience. With a wealth of experience both professionally and personally in the field of trauma, she lives and breathes a life of self development with resilience and passion.  
As a mother to 5 children, she is very aware that often there is a big gap between the theory and the real life experiences of birth and early parenthood. Her deepest passion is supporting positive experiences between mother and baby from conception to the early years. The time of pregnancy, birth and beyond overflows with intense emotions from ecstasy to despair- and sometimes all in the one day! All her work and offerings are heart centred and intuitive. 
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